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Why should I give my horse Iron Horse hemp seed supplements?

Hemp seed has been used for centuries to fight inflammation and contribute to optimal health and well-being. For recovery, maintenance and resilience, hemp seed supplements can help any horse feel, perform and look their best. As a source of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and high-quality protein, we recommend hemp seed for horses to help support:

- Healthy skin, coat, hair and hooves

- Heart health and endurance

- Joint health

- Healthy digestion

- Stamina and energy levels

- Healthy immune system

Why should I choose Iron Horse 100% Hemp Seed Oil over other plant oils?

Hemp oil is low in saturated fat and extremely high in polyunsaturated fats (omega 3 and 6). These omega fatty acids are known to play a vital role in immune response and overall health – making up 76% of the fat in hemp vs. 66% in flax.

Hemp seed also contains the uncommon, yet sought after omega fatty acids, SDA and GLA.

Many oils are subjected to high temperatures and harsh chemicals in production while hemp oil is cold-pressed with no chemicals to preserve nutrient quality and is always non-GMO.

What is GLA and SDA?

Hemp seed is unique because it contains high levels of stearidonic acid (SDA) and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). SDA is an omega-3 fatty acid and GLA is a potent omega-6 fatty acid that acts like an omega-3. Both reduce inflammation and support healthy immune responses and gene expression. The body uses both SDA and GLA more efficiently because it is more readily available than the typical ALA and LA found in plant oils.

Inflammation is a necessary step in healing, but excessive or chronic inflammation can lead to problems like arthritis, laminitis, and ulcers. Stress, high-starch diets and intense exercise can increase body-wide inflammation.

GLA and SDA, work the same way that NSAID pain relievers do. By regulating inflammation, hemp seed oil supports the immune system, joints and recovery.

What makes hemp protein better?

Hemp seed offers your horse a highly palatable and highly digestible (95% digestible protein) source of protein and fibre (27%). Hemp seed protein is made up of high-quality albumin and edestin which aid in digestion, tackle free radicals, and contribute to DNA repair.

These proteins also contain significant amounts of all 20 amino acids including the 10 essential amino acids needed to promote healthy hair, hooves, muscle development and recovery.

Unlike other plant proteins, hemp is free of trypsin-inhibitors, oligosaccharides, phytoestrogens and is processed without damaging heat or solvents. While soy may outdo hemp slightly in overall protein content, you might choose Iron Horse 100% Hemp Seed Meal if your horse has a soy allergy, or for:

- Greater digestibility,

- No heat or chemicals in processing,

- Non-GMO source with no in-crop herbicides/pesticides,

- Added benefits of fibre and inflammation-fighting omega fatty acids.

Why should I choose Iron Horse Hemp?

Local. Simple. Sustainable Iron Horse Hemp products are produced in small batches in Barrhead, Alberta, by a mother-daughter led team of family, friends, neighbours and equestrian pros. We aim to deliver the freshest, uncomplicated, traceable supplements possible.

Iron Horse is a key part of the larger vision of Alberta Hemp Works to create an industrial hemp-centred business cluster model for sustainable rural diversification.

Should I choose Hemp Seed Oil or Meal?

Many customers like Iron Horse 100% Hemp Seed Meal for its ease of use and appreciate it as an “all-in-one” source of fat, protein and fibre to fight inflammation and support digestion and muscle development. Our 100% Hemp Seed Oil provides a more concentrated source of inflammation fighting omega fatty acids and antioxidants.

High-performing, hard-working, older, recovering, or horses having trouble maintaining weight and muscle can benefit from a combination of oil and meal.

How long do Iron Horse Hemp supplements last?

If kept in cool, dry, and dark conditions, our 100% Hemp Seed Oil and 100% Hemp Seed Meal will last 18 months or more.

Do Iron Horse Hemp products contain CBD?

No. Our own tests do not detect THC or CBD in our products or in blood tests.

However, we can't make any guarantees. Riders competing in events where CBD has been restricted must use these products at their own discretion.

How much should I feed my horse?

Depending on your horse's age, nutrition needs, and activity level, we recommend starting your horse with 30 mL (2 Tbsp) of 100% Hemp Seed Oil and/or 1 -2 cups of 100% Hemp Seed Meal per day, slowly increasing if needed.

What about my dog and cat?

We didn’t forget our furry friends! Yes, you can supplement your dog or cat’s diet with Iron Horse 100% Hemp Seed Oil. They will find many of the same benefits that horses and people do including inflammation regulation, calming and healthy, shiny skin/coats.